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Kim Jong Kushner

appointed economic czar by FIL Big Orange Kim.


In more d!cktater news, Trumpsky needs to get the CIA to stop covert support to the big anti-Pooter protests in Russia or the next thing you know we'll all be peeing in tranny bathrooms and eating gay pizza.

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Lil' Kim going under the "microscope"


Big lol there since, far as I can tell the Trumputin politburo only plans to "interview" him, Manafort, Stone, Page without putting them under oath.


Although........they threw Flynn under the bus and there's scuttlebutt that he's cooperating with the fibbies in exchange for immunity.


As they say, you'll snitch on your mom when they put you in the room and tell you that you're facing 10-20. (Keep your noses clean, kids).


What Jen says.

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Re: Kim Jong Kushner

Nice to have some one there who wants to advance policies of innovation so all Americans have a better chance at making money instead of some one who only wants to hand more out.

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Re: Kim Jong Kushner


LOL when this is all over, history will look back on this nearly hilarious evil cartoon and say Never Again !




Met with the President of "State Development Bank" who is a graduate of KGB college and tried to recruit Russian agents in NY 2012-14.