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King Barry

First off NCLB was one of the worst thing to come out of the Bush admin,  but this is a tremendous usurpation of power.  So he decides he can just hand out exemptions to law?  Willy Nilly whenever he wants?


President Barack Obama’s administration will bypass Congress to override the nation’s main public-education law, granting waivers to states if they agree to his schools agenda.

States can avoid the No Child Left Behind law’s 2014 deadline for achieving 100 percent proficiency on standardized state reading and math exams if they sign off on yet-unspecified administration “reforms,” U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and White House domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes said Aug. 5 in a press briefing.

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Re: King Barry

Don't you understand? There was  no, NCLB, it shows the ignorance of the Bush policies! IT WASN'T FUNDED! He had to protect his presidency, with 2 wars propogated on LIES! Obama's going to make it work! Your off your rocker, on this one.