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King George gets his revenge

The revenge of King George III took 244 years, but it is here. His rebellious colonies have abandoned their revolutionary ideas of republicanism and come back to embrace an authoritarian monarchy.

That this revenge should be visited on the United States by Donald Trump is perhaps just. He and King George share many things in common. They both tried to hide their German ancestry. Both married foreigners. Both disappointed in their children. Both slightly mad.

Regardless, the vengeance is done. The GOP may have wielded the knife, but the public supported it with their apathy. No one is marching in the streets. No one is protesting on Capital Hill.

Americans have turned their back on an idea that seemed to have worked for centuries. But, for the ironically named Republican Party and its supporters, those revolutionary republican ideals were evidently no longer of use. They now accept the United States must be solely led by only one branch: an authoritarian, powerful, unencumbered leader. King George would have agreed with this outcome entirely.


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Re: King George gets his revenge

(King George gets his revenge - mcleans dopey opinion)

From canuck, the king of opinion & belief.

We have the same liberal opinion & belief talking points as scott is spewing here in our main stream / liberal media - and there are plenty of canuck's here that just believe this type of nonsense "reporting".

Great, now swalwell read this article is is calling for impeachment of both Trump & King George.