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Re: Klubb!


Re: Klubb!

Even if it is Norwegian this Swedes loves its. Can’t eat much of it as really dense and heavy but a great wat to get flavor into potatoes,

Just one more of those foods that became a source of ethnic pride because ingenious and resourceful peasant women were able to make culinary silk purses out of a sows ear. Ate a lot of “head cheses” as a kid. A jelled convocation made out of virtually every bit of scrap left over after butchering and cutting and curing a hog.

Scandinavian’s “delicacy” lutefisk the result of finding a way to make what was an inedible breed of cod edible by soaking it in lye.

People often go back to the “old country” and find that none of the natives eat these foods.

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Re: Klubb!

I was talking to a guy that had relatives coming to visit from Sweden in the summer, so they planted top of the line sweetcorn so it would be ready and here the Swedes wouldn`t touch it..."cattle feed!".    If they ever tried it, who doesn`t love good sweetcorn on the cob?