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Senior Advisor

Knapper claimed it was an exaggeration

About boys being in the girls locker rooms and showers. Well here it is.


Gaines went on to become a vocal advocate of limiting women’s sports to women only. On Wednesday, the student athlete also delved into the more intimate topic of locker rooms, welling up with tears as she pointed to a lack of support for women who are forced into sharing locker rooms with men.

“No one within the NCAA is willing to acknowledge us, our feelings, our safety, our privacy,” Gaines said.

She continued:

I feel like it’s really only happened in the past couple weeks where I’m— get emotional talking about the locker room scene because it is just so wild that you can turn around and see a 6’4 biological man pull his pants down watching you undress, and no one is willing to stick up for you? I’ve done a good job of not getting emotional, but I see what all is on the line. … I am fortunate, or hopeful, one day that I’ll be able to have little daughters, and I do not ever want to have to imagine them in a situation where they’re faced with that.