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Jen mentioned 80 traced from one beer joint.

A bar and grill operator just a few blocks from here closed her attempt at indoor seating down over the weekend with a comment that more or less said that somebody must have gone out and recruited every rude, insensitive person in the area to visit it.

Happening all over....

One example:

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Re: Knuckleheads

And some people just can not wait to get some 'necessities' when things start to reopen.


Kieran Moore, the medical officer of health for Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health, said Monday the number of cases linked to Binh's Nail and Spa at 500 Gardiners Rd. is up to 27 people.

Heard an interesting explanation for how it could happen but the person explaining it said a couple times there is no proof this is how it happened but it seems reasonable to me.

The person giving the nail job was handling the customers hands and so contaminated the customers hands.

With nails done the customer did NOT use hand sanitizer or even wash her hands so she did not damage the work and so contaminated herself from her contaminated hands.


That is why they say WASH YOUR HANDS! And that is true even if you just had your nails done

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Re: Knuckleheads

(And some people just can not wait to get some 'necessities' when things start to reopen.)

So that was hand sanitizer and soap that those rioters & looters were carrying and not bricks and molotov cocktails Smiley Wink

Yea, large groups of rioters, looters & burners are OK - not a peep from the winger crowd.

I guess the wingers would say the good thing about these anarchist burning down all those business is that the owners that lost their livelihood won't have any customers to spread covid-19.


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Re: Knuckleheads

Democrats burn loot steal and murder, Bruce "no comment".   1000s of democrats pack tight into protests, Bruce "no comment".

People go to a bar, Bruce "the outrage".

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Re: Knuckleheads