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Re: Queen of Mean

You must be convinced that the 10% of primary voters in the N.H. GOP Primary who voted for Bill Weld were mischievous crossover Dem pranksters?

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Re: Queen of Mean

NH is a bit unique- I'm surprised that Our Sammy hasn't relocated to the Live Free or Die Libertarian paradise that is in the making. Some notoriously cranky folks up there.

But a candidate with little crossover appeal who campaigns by hyper energizing a minority base into ever higher turnout (while energizing the opposition to the same degree) better get 99% in his own primaries.

Speaking of people we talk to.....

Not by phone, but in person.... more real people and conversations that absolutely exist and have taken place...(feeling immensely sorry, actually, for someone who would not be able to envision and would feel required to cast shade upon the notion of  such relationships and shared confidences) with a very significant number of school teachers, counselors and administrators. If you Pubbies were ever going to avoid running out of gas on the railroad tracks you should have figured out some way to repeal the 26th Amendment.


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Re: Speaking of people we talk to.....

I'm fairly schizoid on the matter.

A lot of dems willing to vote for a second or third choice if it is someone they think will hold onto those "moderates," but aside from TV talkers out finding them in diners, I'm not so sure if they're really that numerous.*

On the other hand, if the kids turn out it is all over for R's for a generation. I'm still somewhat confident that this will be the OK Boomer election with the most execrable uber Boomer of all time at the top of one ticket. 

*'18 results kind of argue that they are- the flippers were mostly very moderate, but that was also in the 50 or so seats that were flippable.