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Kraf-t, bring your boots

If your coming to Iowa, you had better bring your boots along. DMS Register this morning says no travel in Wright county. 7 inches of rain last night. Maybe you should have took the cash rent instead of having it custom farmed this year.

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Re: Kraf-t, bring your boots

Thanks for the update. I haven't heard anything at this time.

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Re: Kraf-t, bring your boots

Did your farm catch any of the hail last Friday Don?   I've heard it started around Goldfield and had a strip around 4 to 5 miles wide going NE as far Sheffield.  All our ground got hit with at least one or two bean fields needing replanting and ours was better then some.  Some bean fields are black and look liked they were never planted.  There was suppose to have been a meeting with John Holmes today on the hail damage at a neighbors field but it has been cancelled because of the heavy rains.  We got 1.7 inches of rain last Thursday night followed by 3 inches in about an hour on Friday when the hail came and last night we got at least six inches more.  I guess I need to buy a bigger rain gauge and start selling sump pumps.

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Re: Sorry to hear the bad news

Sure sorry to hear the bad news on the crops. Smiley Sad We have had about the same amount of rain over about two weeks.  The North, Middle and South rivers are bank full or over.  One field in eastern Madison county looked like a steam roller went through it, but it was just a flash flood smashing the corn down, next to the Middle River..... smells of dead fish.

I have not turned a wheel in a month to cut the first cutting.  Grass heads are brown, now.  Hay will be incredibly short again this winter.... prices are going to reflect it, too.

My arm hopefully will gain strength quick, so that I can get back on the tractor and salvage what I can.Smiley Surprised