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Kraft are you around.

I was gonna ask you about a previous post where you talk about your brother coming home from military service. Do you remember anything prior to that in your life. Just wondering I find this kind of stuff interesting.

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Re: The trouble with recalling such things

Is that you don't know if it was a direct recollection or a memory reinforced by photos of discussions at a later point in time.  For instance my aunt gave me a blue scooter with white wheels for my birthday. I don't know if I remember the event as much as having and using the scooter.


The recollection of retrieving my brother was such an important event it must have had an enormous impact on me. I can remember the dawn breaking in the east the cool air of the morning. the scratchy texture of the car seats and my dad and I on a mission. 


I can remember him kissing and loving my little sister in the yard but then there is a family picture recording that event so I can't confirm whether the memory was of the event or viewing the photo of the event..