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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Not worth arguing with

3020, you could smack him a couple of times with a solid

2X4 in the morning, noon, and at night, and he still would

not have a freaking clue, so why try to explain it?


if BCBS cannot operate under the "Obama" rules, with a

long and successful history of understanding risks and

setting premiums, the whole theory of the ACA blows up.


And granted, MN may be a more difficult state to operate

in, with a huge metro affluent homosexual population that

is infected with aids.....guys too wealthy to get the public

dole policies, and leaping at the chance to get the Red

Steeles to subsidize their lifestyle choices by signing up 

for, and overwhelming, the individual market for health

premiums that was down to just over 100,000 policies.


Thanks, Barry. 

bruce MN

Re: Not worth arguing with

AIDS?  Seriously?

bruce MN

Re: Not worth arguing with


Re: some stats

As per the anecdotes,


When I was out canvassing for Bernie I think I ran into a couple of those characters.


The campaign data had them as households where someone was registered D but these were some very angry Trump voters. Appeared to hit most of the buttons from the charts on my link- low ed status, probably former or occasional manufacturing workers- also lines up with a key Trump demographic.


Pretty darn angry that Bernie was going to give free stuff to other people. Not sure if they're staying home and watching porn or Fox. Maybe their wives were paying for both cable and broadband and they get Drudge and Brietbart too.


That's part of the funny skew of all this. In Brexit, the liberal Scots and urban upper middle classes voted heavily remain while rural English leaned heavily the other way.


And of course similar to the charts on the link- the line that determined their fate takes flight with Reagan and Thatcher, but that doesn't seem to enter into the calculus.


That's why I think you have to treat Trump/Brexit as a whole new thing- in Trump's case a whole new third party that has (probably) captured one half of the duopoly.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Not worth arguing with

you've got the Star Tribune article from a year and a half ago

and find it yourself.