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Re: Krugman was right about austerity budgets

@bruce MN wrote:

The only thing standing between congress and amnesty is the tea party patriots. You simply can't have immigration reform without securing the border. Good chance the Boston bomber came across that border. Rubio wants to dump a 1500 page bill on the American people one day and then vote on it the next so we can find out what's in it. Pure lunacy.

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Re: Krugman was right about austerity budgets

Kudos to everything 3020, just said and i`ll add some brutal truth and raw numbers to this "amnesty deal".  Mexicans are liberals there i said it! a conservative party is only gonna get 30% Mexican vote regardless, that is the unvarnished truth, the other 70% are going to vote for the party that says they will give them the most free stuff and that is the FACT!  To make +11 million Mexicans into voting citizens will destroy the Republican party forever(hold down your cheering there GTOSmiley Happy)


I hear on NPR that the cheapest houses are in Texas because of construction companies hiring illegals as "independent contractors" that way they bypass FICA social security workman`s comp ect ect, construction companies on the up and up can not compete.  How anyone can contort their brain to think granting amnesty is going to improve anything is beyond the new boss, same as the old boss.


Even thoughtful conservatives that I respect like George Will are on the amnesty bandwagon, his only arguement is "you can`t round up 11 million people" ...well dum-bass, nobody is talking about that!   I say, leave it the way it is, since we all seem to be addicted to cheap labor.


Mitt Romney did have the most sensible, compassionate answer of "let them self-deport" well see how that worked out for him in today`s political environment?   If Romney had won that sensible policy of self deportation would`ve been endorsed by the American people and we could go forward to addressing the critical problems. But the way it is out of desperation, Republicans feel the need to pander for votes(Latino) that on a good day they will only get 3 out of ten.  The arithmetic just doesn`t work.

Re: Krugman was right about austerity budgets

Gov spending is included in the GDP calculations.

Re: Krugman was right about austerity budgets

You've got a point there about Rubio.  Part of the ploy to push for and possibly pass immigration reform in order to garner Latino votes, use them get into office and then do no more enforcement or implementation than Obama has on crimes of high finance.  After having campaigned on the issue.


Lots of cynicism to go around.

Re: Krugman was right about austerity budgets

Sorry for being redundant.  I hadn't read this post before I replied to 3020.

Do you see the conundrum?

For all of you "Nobamas"?  Mitch McConell "destroy the Presidency at any cost " types?


Obama is All-In on austerity as laid out by the anti-Kensian, supply siders.  He's on the Reinhart-Rogoff side on this. On your side.  And undeniably painted into a corner.


Best  overview I've seen so far on the conflicting papers:


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Re: More on Reinhart-Rogoff

@bruce MN wrote:

If you want to snip it Bruce I will read part of it and if it looks creditable I will go to the site. Other wise I'm not going to waste my time opening an alternet link.



Working at the Torygraph I suspect he has a birdseye look into the religious zeal of the austerians.


BTW, among the historical examples he sights would be Churchill's disasterous attachment to the gold standard after WWI which, along with Gallipoli, was good cause for why Winnie was put out in the cold until the PTB needed him.

Re: Ambrose

Of course this is purely hypothetical because Romney/Ryan had no real intention whatsoever of balancing the budget- they were obviously going to go the Reagan/Shrub route of running bigger deficits via lower taxes and more defense spending.


But anyway, suppose an austerian consensus was in power. The country would be going through a terrible depression- and actually not be closing the deficit any because tax revenues would dry up faster than spending could be cut.


But the coalition is hitting all the cues on social legislation plus, say, little symbolic  things like drug testing everyone on public assistance, building a border fence and running massive sweeps to scoop up aliens etc.  which would just tickle the hell out of the mean bone in every "conservative's" body.


So, as "conservatives" take the American empire down the tubes to the pure delight of the islamofascists (and the horror of the zionists, who would be thoroughly screwed) , who is to stop them?  Clearly once committed there is no choice but to call for more.