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Kunstler and some thoughts


"Things are breaking loose. Holes have appeared in the fabric of fraud and lies that passes for the world money system. They are black holes, gravitationally sucking in the things breaking loose, and as these things cross their event horizons, they will never be seen again. These things I speak of are the collateral for vast nebulae of falsely generated debts and obligations that were never intended to be honored (i.e. regarded as real). As they vanish down the wormholes of time, they take with them their pretenses of money value, meaning they leave reverberations of impoverishment in the shadowy place that the real world has become."


"There must be an inverse relationship between the juiced S & P index and the IQs of the public figures in America who pretend to be able to think, so that there are now just six remaining people in the political arena who can articulate the various parts of the mega-swindle that besets us: Bill Black, Jim Rickards, Bill Moyers, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and David Stockman."


I've always enjoyed Jim's screeds for several reasons, one of them being the wit contained in his articulation of the scene. Also, of course, his longstanding main theme which is to skewer the notion that sprawling subdivisions and big boxes across the landscape via a massive debt ponzi and burning up our fossil fuel endowment in the process is somehow conservative.


His list of persons of trust is an interesting amalgamation. 


Also  interesting, but not surprising in this company, that he's gravitating toward the goldbug side of things. That is actually my entry point into whacko world way back in the late 90s but I seem to be evolving away from it. I had the good fortune to become disinterested in the precious metal stocks along about 2007 as anticipation of a more dramatic set of events took the fore and thus was saved giving back some of the booty from the great mining stock boom of approximately 2002-7.


At this point it is all feeling and looking more deflationary than inflationary to me but I wouldn't mind re-owning some physical metal at a lower price, which, for wahtever reason, conspiracy or no, looks imminent.

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Re: Kunstler and some thoughts

Interesting that he mentions stockman, who had a burning editorial in the nyt yesterday. Bank failures and associated runs seem pretty deflationary to me, but having a diversified stash is always a good plan.

Re: Kunstler and some thoughts

While I suppose nearly 100% of erstwhile conservatives would regard him as a liberal, he also went on quite a tirade a while back about the unsustainability of the entitlement culture.


Which I won't disagree with at all in terms of the deleterious effects of having people on the dole in perpetuity- my problem is with the immediate impact of austerity in a debt deflation.