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Kunstler interview


JHK interview with Chris Martenson. A bit different than his weekly rant, thought Bruce and a few others might enjoy for the sake of provoking some thought if nothing else.


Nothing there to prove and I'm not going to talk trash over the topic. But I did want to share my musing of the day which is that the US gov't. through currency debasement and the preposterous ethanol project has dumped a huge windfall into the lap of many in agriculture. How likely are any of us to use the windfall to reposition for an entirely different future that we might imagine?


My guess is virtually none, which is understandable. But I'm left with a burning sense that things will start to happen with increasing velocity soon and only the very nimble, or more likely those lucky enough to have pre-positioned in the right place will do relatively well.


I'm not sure that JHK's imagination of things to come is better than any of ours by any great order of magnitude. He mentions Nicole Foss and I prefer her scenario which gives debt deflation an equal role with energy constraints in the unwind.


It was actually easier to get discussion on things like this pre-2008. My take on that is that the cognitive dissonance really amped up with the commodity boom/financial crash/political freeforall of that time and most everyone is further distanced from recognizing the imminence of an epochal shift than they were 2 years ago. Now we're just pissed at each other.


I don't encourage anyone to do anything on account of my opinion. In 1999 and again in 2007 I lost friends based on my table pounding opinion that a financial crash was coming- if it didn't happen in 6 months then people will hate you because they'd rather be poor with everyone else than be off the train when it feels like everyone else is getting rich.


Anyway, best to all, I'll check back in a week or so. h

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Re: Kunstler interview

  You might get a kick out of this old commercial, and it's own irony.


  I know the feeling, as I had some eyes rolled at me when I said "it's coming", and my awakening moment was when they changed the bankruptcy laws.


  But, with all the unemployment and people on food stamps, revolving debt has went down, for various reasons. There was 1 trillion dollars worth of debt that people had which is now gone, and that will help out in the future more than anything.

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Re: Kunstler interview