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bruce MN

Re: Kunstler interview

There is no Democrat between these shores who would want the party to be more like what he seems to  more than I do. I guess in looking back that I must not have seen anything particucarily new in his entry last week other than him being himself and venting as he always does over his frustrations.


I don't have the influence to do much about changing it other than to express in whatever matter I am able that it needs to be, which I have over and over again here and to anybody else who will listen. Democrats with the condition of their personal pensions as the only skin they have in the game that is our struggling economy and narrowly focused victimhood issues Democrats and "there is a pubic solution to every percieved problem" Democrats don't like to hear a bit of that, but those are not the reasons that I am one. And am practical enough to undertand that an unsuccessful coup would only weaken the organ and make the ascendency of any old Republican much easier. In fact, I'm trying to think of a Republican that JHK might vote for against Obama. I beleive he was asked that a few times ni the commetn s last week.


Nowhe might vote for an independent or a alternate party candidate, as I have a number of times, but I doubt any modern day bible thumping or "let them eat cake" candidate. 


You might be well advised to take a defection from somebody who is well out of the mainstream as Kunstler is from the President's supporters as an endorsement of the standing opposition. I'd have been upset over that. As for what was there I understood and respected his sentiments completely. I also see it as tragic and ost likely a waste in the end. And of course if Obama had come out strong for what Jim wants and a bunch of stuff that legitimate progressives want his approval rating would be at 25% instsead of 48 or so.  If we aren't getting it all good, we at least are getting what we've got coming.


Re: Kunstler interview

Obama IS the let them eat cake candidate. Honestly I don't see the difference between Obama and any old republican. Any policy differences I can think of are differences of scale. Obama is massively terrible to the r's horrendously terrible. Quite honestly I'd rather not participate if the choice is simply two equally corrupt actors.
Senior Advisor

Re: Chicken or the egg?

Or $14 per gallon of gas which they say is the real cost of it to the people of the united states.