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Veteran Advisor

Kunstler: "Jared Got a Gun"


One among a number of trenchant observations

Loughner blog:

"Every human who's mentally capable is always able to be treasurer of their new currency.... 
If you create one new currency then you're able to create a second new currency.
If you're able to create a second new currency then you're able to create a third new currency.
You create one new currency.
Thus you're able to create a third currency."


Kunslter comment:


 "Does this begin to sound sickeningly like the policy of the Federal Reserve and the thinking of its chairman, Ben Bernanke? Is the monetary behavior of top US officials now so disordered that it is showing up as mental illness in young people?

    You are wrong if you think I'm being facetious."
As I told a friend this morning- somebody who understands the context in which I'm saying it- that if you were to base an analysys if his rationality solely based on some web postings he doesn't seem a lot crazier than most of the people who post on message boards, myself included.
Another noteworthy observation from JHK:
"Will history notice that Jared Lee Loughner was struggling to puzzle through the mysteries of currency and of who controlled what in this world, even while he was being tossed out of a community college that he was extremely conscious of being scammed to pay for - a government-supported school that affected to prepare young people for a career spent in a corporate cubicle in order to fork over the weekly paycheck to pay back college loans."