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Re: Kyle Rittenhouse the rest of the story

@jennys_mn wrote:

I provide the link - and I display it on here, so you don’t have to do the link, if you don’t want to.    

There’s no reason to click on entertainment “proof” like Rush, Breitbart, or Fox, and many others, which are what you guys usually post up.  

Republicans  can’t win an election, without lying.......


Copywrite infringement.  Same as stealing.

Re: Kyle Rittenhouse the rest of the story

It is really very scary. To tell the truth, I would act the same in his place. Indeed, many rioters behave inappropriately and, in fact, can kill the first comer. I was floating on inflatable paddle boards with my friend and we witnessed a scuffle on the beach. Drunken brawlers stuck to the couple and began to beat the guy. His girls were forced to use the gas spray and they were able to escape. Really, I don't see the other way in such situations except to use force yourself