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HAHAHAHA LOLzzzzz  Smiley Very Happy The gilligan thread went bye bye.


It's one thing ( creepy ) to  fantasize about my partners no no pole,  but to actually type it out, and THEN actually be weird enough to post it.  ???  




Seriously, I am goint to need to see his Mensa Cert.











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Re: LOL!

If one of us liberals had posted that, we would be on a 5000 minute vacation.  But the good ol' buoys only get their post deleted!!!  Craig's mental capacity--if he is indeed that smart--is a total waste!!

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Re: LOL!

It wasn't so funny. He wanted it deleted because he no longer had the upper hand in on the board.

The family values with the divorces combined with the nudes of Duckies Wifee was putting him and what he is trying to do on here in a bad light. The sorta thing that really needs to see the light of day, but he knew the comments he threw out would get the whole thing thrown out. So - we start again....


Re: LOL!

That is rubbish. I only write the truth. I never intentionally write anything seeking deletion. Ag Judge got mad over what I wrote and reported it to the moderators.  He likes to dish it out, but can't stand up to the blowback. skin off my nose. 


That entire thread was started by you to flame Conservative ideals.  I took up the challenge to refute, point by point, your every attempt. 


I have been here a LONG time. You are not my first challenger. Many have come and gone, and yet I remain. 


I base everything in truth. Liberals base their goals in "feelings". 


I hope that I have not hurt your "feelings" by stating the Truth. 

Re: LOL!

As Stephen Hawking says about IQ:
"Q: What is your I.Q.?
"A: I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers."

bd 2673 days ago [-]

"Symptoms of the disorder first appeared while he was enrolled at Cambridge; he lost his balance and fell down a flight of stairs, hitting his head. Worried that he would lose his genius, he took the Mensa test to verify that his intellectual abilities were intact."

tvon 2673 days ago [-]

While an interesting snippet, I don't see how it relates to the comment you responded to.

queensnake 2672 days ago [-]

-- he obviously cared about his IQ /at the time/ if he took the test. If he really didn't care he could have just tackled some physics problem and seen if it felt the same (or something).

tokenadult 2672 days ago [-]

And subsequently he appears to have decided that having actual accomplishments as a physics researcher and as a popular author on science is much more significant than his IQ score. In other words, what he thinks after he learned more and had real-world experience is that boasting about IQ is for losers, as he said in the much more recent interview.

zck 2672 days ago [-]

There's a difference between caring about -- or knowing -- one's IQ, and boasting about it.

nailer 2672 days ago [-]

Also there are smart people who haven't achieved much in their life. Sometimes I think I'm one of them.
Ultimately one's achievements mean more than their mental capacity.

dkarl 2672 days ago [-]

I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.
I love that quote, but I love this one from the article, too:
She was just another person trying to make it in New York. The fact that she had this credential just gave her something different and I remember thinking, "How can we cash in on it?"
That's from the guy who suggested she use her IQ to make herself famous. To him it was just a way to sell books.

amichail 2673 days ago [-]

Preoccupation with IQ is not for losers. But we also live in a world where computers augment our cognitive abilities. And so any measure of intelligence should probably be a combined measure of brain + computer.


Reports of his IQ is about 160. He is gifted in his realm of study. Other high IQ persons have other specialties of genius. My brother has tested at 188. He is working on revising Einstein's Theory of Relativity to replace "time" with the constant rate of entropy. It will take time to convince the scientific community to accept this new standard. 


I am better suited in creative thinking and problem solving. I also have a photographic memory for sight, sound and smell. Every person is different in their skill sets. 



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Re: LOL!

And if I speak the truth, they give me a vacation.  You say you speak the truth.  Maybe, perhaps not.  Either way, they just delete your post!

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Re: LOL!

What have you created???

Veteran Advisor

Re: LOL!

And, of course, you're specialty of driving a bus. Whatever. By your writing, I can see I touched a nerve - a very sensitive one. Good. Now - who's under who's roof getting free rent?


Re: LOL!

Ag Judge posted a picture a few days ago with the "s" word in it. Did it deserve to be deleted?


Was he banned from these pages over that action?

Re: LOL!

Not at all. I enjoy doing that important job, and it gives me free time to do other things, like learning languages.