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Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

And it just gets more and more bizarre:




Hustler's Larry Flynt puts $1M bounty on 'scandalous' Trump tapes

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Prominent pornographer Larry Flynt is outraged by Republican nominee Donald Trump'salleged treatment of women.

In fact, the Hustler magazine publisher is so disgusted that he is putting up a $1 million reward for any "scandalous" recordings of Trump. The reward will be paid for "verifiable video footage or audio recordings for use prior to the November 8 election clearly showing Donald Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner," according to a statement from the magazine.


The full statement can be seen at, a website created to "streamline the submission process," according to Hustler spokeswoman Minda Gowen.


Flynt, 73, appears to have been motivated by Trump's comments about groping women on a 2005 recording and the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Trump that have surfaced.

“I have always celebrated women," Flynt said in a statement. "Women in all shapes and sizes. To treat a woman like Mr. Trump himself has is both disappointing and unbelievable, especially coming from someone who wants to be our President.”

Flynt is also "appalled at the hypocrisy of our elected officials," according to the statement. In particular, he sees hypocrisy in Trump's claims that "'nobody has more respect for women than me"' despite tremendous amounts of evidence to the contrary."

Flynt has openly opposed Trump for president. He has endorsed Hillary Clinton, created a Trump porn parody and said he may move to Canada if Trump wins.

As the publisher of a hardcore pornographic magazine, Flynt has long faced criticism for his own treatment of women. Many consider the depictions of women in his publications as sexist and misogynistic.

Flynt posted similar bounties for evidence of political figures' indiscretions in the past, including in 1998 during Bill Clinton's impeachment.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

(Prominent pornographer Larry Flynt...)


Hustler's Larry Flynt, a face of the Democrat party, makes perfect sense, Clinton & Flynt, 2 slimeball individuals with a lot in common working together. He would be a nice fit for a Clinton cabinet.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

I wouldn't go so far as saying it's the face of the Democratic Party.

Trump offered up a challenge when he said his tape was just, as Melania put it, "boy talk". (I sure hope that not all 59 year old "boys" talk like that. Maybe it's just Republicans, because, like we've been told, belief in God makes for better sex (Republicans & their right hand of God thing), so they can't help themselves.).

It wasn't just "boy talk". It was, "Look at me, I'm a sexual predator" talk. Fewer and fewer believe it was just talk. It was deeds - and the whole of the Republican Party is going to be paying.

Tick Tock

Veteran Advisor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

Jen did you lose your life savings in the futures market or what is causing you to be so bitter and hateful?? Get a grip woman. You need some counseling!!
Senior Advisor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

It all depends on what the meaning of the word is is.


The progressives are all outraged over the things Trump said but then they believe those like Trump have a right to pee and shower with the girls.

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

Jen's Hero,



                ...a porno tycoon and abuser of women!

Senior Contributor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

Yes Sir ... Something wrong with that lady.

Senior Contributor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

I don't agree with Jens positions on many issues but there is no more wrong with her political passion for the Democrat Party then there is for someone overzealous in there Republican Party political misgivings. I guess I have trouble placing confidence in any political entity when their track records are so dismal. Looking to either of them to solve problems is foolhardy in the least. But, to each their own. She certainly has the ability to rile up a lot of you. Makes for interesting discussions for sure. Life will go on regardless of the outcome and the strong will find a way to endure. Personally, I think extreme political polarization will be our downfall. Abraham Lincoln stated that the United States would never be destroyed from the outside but from within. We need to work harder to find common ground, rather than continuing to drive wedges between us. But the powers that be like that pot stirred to a foamy froth.
Veteran Advisor

Re: Larry Flynt Puts $1 Million Bounty on Trump Tapes

Well, it shows me how desperate you guys are, to go after me than your real enemy.  But that's ok...I can absorb a lot of crap, and if I get sick of it I can just leave.


As far as the futures market goes, I said a long time ago, that I would not play that game again.  And I haven't.  No reason to...I don't farm, so I don't nee to try and hedge anything.  Besides, the way the futures are now, it's a losing hand probably no mater what you are holding.  Sooner or later, you will give it back to the house.  Problem is that when you give it back, unlike your Lord and Savior Mr. Trump, I could only take my loses at $3000. per year.  Not worth the risk.


You guys just keep believing in Mr. Trump.   He's winning...just keep thinking that, keep praying to your Lord Trump....OH...It's time for a prayer:





The Lord Trump's Prayer


Our Father, which art in Trump Tower,

Sociopathic Liar be thy Art.

Thy Alt-Rights come.

Thy will be done in media,

as it is in real life.

Give us this day our dose of Lies.

And forgive us our Believers,

As we never forgive them who bring forth the truth against us.

And lead us not into a black church,

But deliver us from the birther movement.

For thine is the Kingdom of Gold,

The Power of Gold, and the Glory of Gold,

Forever and Ever.



Now, we all know that Dumpie will deliver you all from the absolute horror that will follow if Hillary wins, and all you guys will be forced to bake Rainbow cakes day and night for the next four years.  


Trump will lose.  And we won't see any of you guys on here for a long, long time.


Tick Tock...