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Last night in Indy

At the old abandoned St. Francis hospital in Beech Grove- a well populated area.


An unannounced military exercise at midnight with helicopters dropping approx., 100 personel dropped from rappel lines accompanied with explosions and reported gunfire.


WTF? People reporting being so shook up they couldn't go back to sleep, couldn't go to work.


Nothing enlightening from any media, all the same basic story.


I have no idea.


Putting my tinfoil hat on, it is not too far from the old Beech Grove Amtrak maintenance facility that is prominently featured in certain web conspriacy theories. No comment on that one.


500 this weekend.

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Re: Last night in Indy

Best guesses-


Not just an exercise. There are lots of places they can practice inserting people into a building at night without dropping into a neighborhood unannounced at midnight.


1st place- a shock and awe visibility thing in anticipation of suspected or just feared threats to the large crowd that's going to be assembling.


2nd place- they really were extracting somebody(s) that were in there and aren't telling.