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Latest conspiracy theory

I'm not as adept at spotting them as some here, but heard buzzes from a couple of media busy bees who say that Trump may be taking his campaign to new levels of "off the rails. Intentionally, as a ploy to get out from under where he unwittingly finds himself. Got in to the mix to further his brand. Doesn't have the resources to go it alone and knows that he can't handle serious issues based debate and questioning. So he's looking to tank it. And to leave the GOP leadership, which obviously has been less than hospitable, holding the bag.
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Re: Meanwhile at Crooked Hillary's Camp....


BA Deere
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Re: Latest conspiracy theory

It`s alot at stake in this election...well everything is at stake and I know I know I know "Oh you say that about every election"  And yes I do, but this isn`t baby steps towards socialism anymore, this broad jump bounds towards socialism and they about one jump from the finish line.  Obama has done an incredible amount of damage to this country, not just physical destruction (that can all be rebuilt) but the damage to the American psyche and morality and that would take generations assuming that we were headed in the direction of healing, which we are 180º opposite of.


Trump has won fair & square and I guess with the shoddy treatment of the GOP he has received, I wouldn`t blame him a bit if he did leave them "holding the bag"...however he must see this through, millions of us are counting on him. To not see it through would give it to Hillary, then we are done, over, more country assuming that is there`s anything amounting to anything January of 2017, alot can hit the fan betwixt now and then even if President Trump wins.


You watch, if Trump loses, the spin will be "The people rejected racism and responsibilty, now we can just hand the keys over to Mexico and go competely nuts Yippee Yippeee the Age of Aquarius!" 



The only hopeful thing is, Trump has been vastly underrated by the same clowns for an entire year now, Trump`s critics have a horrible record thus far. 

Re: Latest conspiracy theory

I agree, also Trump's name is a brand that he has worked his entire life to build up.  He would never do anything to diminish that. 



Red Steele
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Re: Latest conspiracy theory

My prediction is that at the end of Trump's 8 year reign as POTUS, the limousine

liberal types will be full fedged wino's.


I hope he picks a bare knuckle type for VP...the anti Barry Sanders.


The country is in dire need of a good shot of testosterone.

Crooked Hill vs. Don the Con

Apparently honesty doesn't matter a lot anyway.


There was one honest man among the 20 or so if that was among anyone's criteria. Although in your case Craig I imagine that if they saw you walk into the Dem Caucus they'd call 911 and dive under the bleachers.



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Re: Crooked Hill vs. Don the Con

Since when has honesty mattered. Remember if you like your policy you can keep your policy. Period.? Remember the film maker who spent a year in jail? Remember the border guard killed with a fast and furious gun?

Re: Crooked Hill vs. Don the Con

You must have been in a hurry as you didn't remember to mention Finicum.

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Re: Latest conspiracy theory

Ba "millions of us are counting on him..."? I really didn't think there were that many ignorant bigots in the country!!
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Re: Latest conspiracy theory

20, how could we forget? You remind us with every post!!