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Re: Learned something today

"One of Friedman's most infamous concerts was a 1973 performance in Buffalo, New York; upon performing "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed" (a song that lampoons feminism), a group of what Friedman described as "cranked-up lesbians" entered into a fight with the band and forced the concert to end early while Friedman and the band were escorted off stage. The National Organization for Women awarded Friedman the "Male Chauvinist Pig Award" later that year, an award Friedman took with pride. Friedman would not return to Buffalo until 2012.[8]"


Funny, from his wiki.

Re: Learned something today

Yeah, there is that.


But also the fact that the jewish leaders didn't appreciate his message that God wasn't giving any more mulligans on the chosen people thing.



BA Deere
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Re: Learned something today

Couldn`t you also say "they don`t make Blacks like Fredrick Douglass or Martin Luther King anymore"?      And how many "mulligans" do we have to give Detroit and Chicago and East St Louis?


I mean Obama got elected because of white guilt, Obama stays in office unimpeached only because of white guilt and fear.   And the liberals laugh all the way to the bank with this expensive pickle they`ve placed the country in.

Red Steele
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Re: Learned something today

In all fairness to the democrats, the republican base did elect GW Bush, who might not be as incompetent as Barry is, but he is certainly in the running.


How both of these door knobs became two term American presidents should signal that something needs to change, and pretty dramatically.


Americans have proved to be pretty inept at electing qualified leaders.