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Least we forget,

Many have a short or selective memory of our previous president.


This article succinctly lays out the true nature and course of his time in the White House. 


The most destructive president in American history.   A legacy of hate and discord, of divisiveness, and international incompetence combined with corruption.

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Re: Least we forget,

I didn't read the piece that you put up.  I don't have to.  I'm sure it hasn't taken into account, a Republican Congress that would not go along with anything that he wanted.


And of course, let's not forget this:


September 9, 2009, less than 8 months after he took office, South Carolina's Republican Representative Joe Wilson, yelled, "You lie!!!" as President Obama was giving a speech during a joint session of Congress.  It sorta set the tone, of what the rest of Obama's terms were going to be like.


Representative Wilson, got it thrown back to him in April of this year at a town hall meeting:


You can blame President Obama all you want for the Congress not getting anything done....just like us on the other side are now going to blame the so called president Trump, when he is unable to do anything other than by simply signing Executive Orders.


There is plenty of blame to go around.  But Trump and his cronies have seen nothing of the discontent of this country yet.


Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!





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Re: Least we forget,

Well didn't he?