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Re: Left turns against democracy

Just read what was actually being voted upon -- to me, does not appear even close to something that attempts to accommodate a broad range of views, nor allowing for states ultimately deciding what is right or acceptable for their own citizens.  It wasn't a straight-up codification of Roe v Wade, together with subsequent case-law, and it ignored scientific advancements and medical knowledge developed since the early 1970's.  If the Democrats had actually tried to accommodate and/or compromise, they could possibly have gotten enough Republican votes.  It really doesn't need to be all that complicated, nor political, although "federal funding" for abortions should probably be a separate issue.

On the short end, beyond the "heat of the moment", bad things can happen, people make mistakes, some people are just stupid/careless, contraceptives aren't always 100% effective, some don't know they are even pregnant during the first few weeks, etc., and a sufficient number would support the "right" to abortions in some short time-frame after conception, allowing for things like a "morning after pill", maybe even have very few (if any) abortion restrictions for as much as the first 6-8 weeks --  Whatever a sufficient majority could agree on as a "minimum right", not allowing any laws to be any more restrictive.

On the other end of the time-scale, where there reportedly aren't numerous abortions anyway, the "right" to abort should be severely restricted (life of the mother, life of a twin type of things) and consistent with medical advances that show many babies can successfully survive outside the womb anytime during much (or all) of the 3rd trimester, and consistent with other areas of laws that could potentially hold anyone else liable for harm to an unborn baby -- Whatever a sufficient majority could agree on as a "maximum right", not allowing any laws to be any less restrictive.

Everyone's opinion varies.  On a national basis, it is likely that most do not support a "right to abort" during the full 9 months of pregnancy, and it is also likely that most do not support a complete ban on abortion.  At the same time, it shouldn't be that difficult to reach an acceptable level of consensus for sensible parameters within which individual states could make their own determinations.




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Re: Left turns against democracy

You want one example "can you post actual instances of babies being aborted 1/2 way out of birth canal? "

Jill Stanek, a former registered nurse at Christ Hospital, also testified about how babies born alive were treated in the hospital where she worked. She said her hospital often used the labor induction abortion method. While many abortionists kill the baby prior to delivery, Christ Hospital did not. According to the hospital, this resulted in 10-20 percent of babies destined for abortion being born alive.

When this happened, the hospital did no medical assessment of the baby’s condition, instead leaving the infant to die. Stanek described one of these instances.

One night, a co-worker was taking an abortion survivor to a utility room to die because she didn’t have the time to hold him. Stanek said she retrieved the infant and cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes he lived. “He was the size of my hand,” she said. “I couldn’t tell if he was still alive toward the end, so I’d hold him up to the light to see through his thin skin if his heart was still beating.”

Stanek then painted an eerie picture of the way Christ Hospital decided to start handling “comfort care” for infants born alive. In 2000, Christ Hospital unveiled a comfort room where nurses could take babies to die. In the room was a first-photo machine, baptismal supplies, and a footprint maker in case parents want a keepsake of their aborted baby. There was also a wooden rocker to rock babies to death, she said. “How far will doctors go to comfort themselves by letting abortion survivors die?” she asked.


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Re: Left turns against democracy

Kurt, they are either uninformed or just don't care.

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Re: Left turns against democracy

When Roe vs Wade is overturned, putting this back in the states hands, it will put the nails in the coffin of any potential resurrections of the democrat party.  

They've circled the wagons around that every 4 yours through my adult life time.  Besides championing the death of innocents bastardized as women's rights, there is very little they can get the locals that enthusiastic about. 

They might as well grap their weapons and go to the streets.  They're toast without a violent overthrow. 


And just so we're clear....  the Satanic Temple is being honest.


What's the difference of sacrificing a child for rain (ancient) to improve wealth vs sacrificing it to improve wealth (modern)? 

Nothing ever really changes....  except we industrialized the practice.


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as I said

The 51–49 procedural cloture motion vote was mostly party-line, with all Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) voting against the measure. The measure failed as expected because Democrats didn’t meet the 60-vote filibuster threshold needed to advance the legislation in the upper chamber......

It also stated that health care providers would be able to carry out abortions with virtually no limitations or requirements