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Re: Lesson out of Charlotsville

Canuck tried to tie President Trump`s rhetoric with North Korea resulting in a war as what happened in WWI.  Well, wouldn`t the cockiness of tearing down a statue of a general that many hold second only to Jesus be akin to what`s going on in Charlotte?  Or are certain people just supposed to take the whip?


Remembering how WW I began


In Europe before 1914 many alliances called on the next nation to react if anything happened to another.

So once a small incident began to roll out one after another of the nations were dragged into a war that would kill millions, maim many millions more and lay waste too large areas across Europe and elsewhere.

So the latest threats around 1 small nation could lead many others to become involed.

this is just on article about the present situation.

And remember WW I began not by choice but really by accident because of demands and threats made between leaders.


If conflict is to come, the only certainty is that Australia will be drawn in.

It is a measure of the desperate stakes involved that the Prime Minister has uniquely offered a pre-emptive declaration of military support under the ANZUS alliance — without knowing what form any conflict may take or what risks 



Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.