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Senior Advisor

Re: Let's call it Ryan Retrobution

Hobby, first of all I want to thank you for your service to our country. If not for guys like you then guys like me would not live like we live. Your service is not forgot and is greatly appreciated.


Bill Clinton has taught us that military service is of no consequence when it comes to being President. While the Viet Nam war was being fought he was protesting against this country while on foreign soil. His wife taught us it is patriotic to not only question but to openly protest the country if we are engaged in foreign counties.

Senior Contributor

Re: Let's call it Ryan Retrobution

Hobby, I too thank you and your family for your service to ur country.


My father served in the Navy at the tail end of WW II.  I believe dad was in his third year at the the University of Iowa at the time and was getting far better grades then Biden when he left school to join the Navy.


My father's father served in the infantry during WW I.  Plus I have had several uncles and cousins serve.


I kind of like the idea of a mandatory draft where each young adult serves for a year.  I think that one year would help many young folks to mature and be better prepared for college or the work place.   However at the same time I sure would not want one of my kids serving their one year in the military when our government decides once again to stick it's nose where it does not belong and we start seeing GI's coming home in body bags for a war / conflict that the American people don't support.