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Let's do this thing!

All markets heading seriously southward following Brexit.


Hey, we've all be worshipping Mr. Market for 30 years (fittingly, Maggie and Ron) and arguing over the pathetic politicos who cover for him.


For whatever reason the drunken English soccer hooligans who have absolutely no future chose to do this, God bless 'em. Let's do this thing!


I say Dow down at least 10,000K and to hell with all of you.


PS. that probably means sub 3.00 corn, which may not be a bad thing in the long run for people who inhabit this site.

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Re: Let's do this thing!

Sadly, the boyz at 33 Liberty NY NY are probably not going to let that happen.


Because...The Market.


PS. Either way, the gun people are just going to get shot.



bruce MN

Re: Let's do this thing!

Aaaah...the old "let the tail go with the hide" saw.  Hold a big one day auction and get everything real time priced...marked to market, as it were.  (poor Donald might not have the fate to get home from Scotland).


That was floated here at this site in the Autumn of 2008, but it was obvious that there wasn't much interest in anybody sacrificing or suffering other than the usual undeserving suspects.


Haven't been to "The Ticker" for months.  Maybe a couple more cups of coffee and I'll make a trek.  So too bad that Sam bugged out....he'd have had us a link by now.