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Let them eat pork!

This is a fictional story about if a liberal government decided that "pork is better for us than beef" it would then force hosiptals and everyone to eat pork, even if it is against their religious beliefs.  It`s a analogy of Obamacare and forcing a strict Christian bakery to make a gay wedding cake. 



The writer was taking liberties with the Maccabees story of the Jewish woman with 7 sons that were forced by a wicked king to "eat pork or be tortured to death" .  It`s a very powerful story of extreme Faith that I doubt that I would have. 

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Re: Let them eat pork!

The story should be in context with the fact there is no god or Allah and never was so the eating of pork is not too bad. That how ridiculous the whole god thing is and you know it.