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Let us try

In science, if you have an test it.
These school shootings, and other public
Places, we are all talking at one with the empirical
Cure.....based on nothing.
We'll point fingers at each other for years, yet
Nothing gets done, and more people die.
So let's try.....a certain number of
Schools will have limited entrance. Advanced
Alarm system that a fire door opens, alarm and
A rapid response...yes, we'll have to have mini
Swat teams. Also kids smart so need to figure
Out the way they can get in undetected....they
Will figure out.
Another group, arm everyone
Another on, an active Psy  survalance program

Any other ideas ?

In a year or two we will have our answer.

Now, how difficult was that ?

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Re: Let us try

Oh for the public shooting.,..we have a system,
That if shots are fired, in a matter of seconds
We know where it come from. In instance
Of last Vegas, we could have shooters on standby.
Once the shooting starts, location beamed to
Sharpshooters let loose, if not to get the person,
Keep him busy so people take cover.
All of these things would not tromp on
People's rights,and makes things a bit cheaper.

What are we waiting for ???
We could be up and running next week
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Re: Let us try

Limited entrances has already been suggested......and dismissed.


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Re: Santa Fe

TX Lt Gov has the solution — ban doors not guns. Says schools should only have one door per building. With that kind of attitude, we are truly screwed!!
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Re: Let us try

shooter detection
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Re: Let us try (approx $250,000 per square mile)
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Re: Let us try

Single entrance..

Funny....since TSA screen everyone with advanced
Equipment....very few hijackings.....

Time to learn ????
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Re: Let us try


Should we buy a new sports travel bus, or put
New asphalt on the track, or build new football

Or a state of the art protection system ????
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Re: Let us try

Doesn't seem to be a difficult decision.

Let's see, 10 kids dead,,,,$15,000 each that's
$150,000 funeral least $1,000,000
Liability so $10,000,000....$3,000,000 legal fees

$13,150,000.00 in expense. Vs $400,000

Maybe he should have the students answer....since
They are educated.....board members....last training
They had 20 years
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Re: Let us try

Another idea....a few years ago FEMA was giving
Grrants to big and small department. Several
Little fire depts got vehicles that cost $250,000

I know of on dept that protects less than 3,000 people,
Got engine (excess of 250,000). Turn out gear, all
New radios, pagers, a trailer that had command
Function, and another for hazmat, and a portable
Decontamination trailer....was close to $400,000
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Re: Let us try

School buildings need limited, supervised access, and when access is denied, it needs to be secure.  Effective, and a small price to pay for lives saved.