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Re: Let us try

That decontamination trailer might be needed at the next SCHOOL EVENT!

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Re: Let us try

I’m not often for banning. So rather than banning violent video games sue them broke. As well as Violent mini series that have exaggerated amounts of blood, swords going into the back of the head and coming out the eye socket, more graphic than reality. We have become desensitized to violence. And desensitized to other horrific acts like men humping other men and it being celebrated. Our society is sick all the way around. We are shamed into having such an unrealistic sense of patriotism that we can not see or deny how vulgar and sick society has become
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Re: Let us try

But the evidence does not support your belief about video games rodgers.





However, he agreed with Steinkuehler that there isn't a lot of evidence to support theories that video games, particularly violent video games, foster antisocial or violent tendencies in young people.

Osterweil observed that violent crime in the United States has dropped in the three decades that video games have been around. In 1991, there were almost 25,000 murders in America — an all-time high. Last year, there were 17,250.

"If there was a correlation between video games and violence, we should see it," he said.


And why are you so upset about the natural coupling of 2 men?

Happens throughout nature so why is it so wrong for humans to be that way too?


Or is it just one of those beliefs you have?  with no evidence to back it up.

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Re: Let us try

Oh really? Then why did we have to ban tobacco advertising. Kids shouldn't be able to by violent video games until age 21.

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Re: Let us try

You know, I figured everyone would go nuts
On this post....they haven' does that
Me I'm right ?
I talked in passing to one of my school board,
Asking, do we spend $250,000 now, compaired
To close to $14,000,000 if something happened.
It kind of got him, since they spent a ton of money
On the track field...enough to put in state of the
Art security system, complete with consealed
Weapon detection, door alarms, several types
Of proximity alarms... surveillance system with
Detection, ir, face and item tracking, instant
Alert system (goes directly out on several radios
No time wasted calling 911, isolation and access
Control system, and pre-placed non-lethal protection
Systems and device.

Ok folks what are we waiting for....your kids, grandkids
Be can make noise here, but what about
Where it home ??
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Re: Let us try

Oh buy the way...maybe he listened because
The county conducted an active shooter drill
At the courthouse....about half were hauled off
And about a dozen ""who were not moved""
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Re: Let us try

Canuck if you read evidence that the sky is green and the grass is blue I think you would argue the point. Kids on the farm don’t think about knocking a pig in the head but most others would find it very unsettling. The more someone has violence portrayed in front of them the less they see violence as something surreal. The government and universities with government grants will research anything. To even question the common sense means you have lost the argument. I’m sure there is a study about how long it takes for a mouse to ejaculate and I’m sure you would eat it up
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Re: Let us try

I bet we have all seen a sky with a green tinge and grass with a blueish tinge but of course our eyes give us the evidence of what they both look like most of the time.

And although people like to blame those video games or too many doors or not teaching about magical beings in school BUT other countries have those same games, lots of doors and keep religion out of the schools and do not have the same troubles with shooters that the USA has.

Common sense would indicate that those are not the reason for so many shooters.


Now I leave it up to you to figure out what is different in your country that might be the reason.

I can think of a couple things but of course until the residents of the USA figure it out themselves and change then it will not make any difference. You will still have lots of shooters and other countries will not have many.