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Liberals are stupid, again

I told my children the sure and quickest way to tell a liberal is to check for a paradox.  If they propose something look for the contradiction.  Case in point is the Keystone pipeline. 


"Environmental groups opposed the Keystone pipeline because they believe continued use of fossil fuels will aggravate the problems of climate change. Yet as Samuelson points out, even if we accept every syllable of that claim at face value, rejecting the Keystone pipeline does absolutely nothing to help the problem. The Canadian tar sands will be developed, with or without U.S. assistance. The only difference is, if the oil is shipped across the ocean via tanker, instead of across the United States via pipeline, then there will be more emissions (from transport) and a greater chance of a spill.

Samuelson next observes that the Obama decision “threatens a large source of relatively secure oil that, combined with new discoveries in the United States, could reduce (though not eliminate) our dependence on insecure foreign oil.” Again, he has hit the nail on the head. Part of the typical left-wing objection to America’s “addiction” to oil is that it allegedly requires U.S. military commitments in foreign lands. Well, anybody who believes that should be a fierce proponent of the Keystone pipeline, as it will not only create jobs, but save lives. And yet, the people who make the “oil breeds war in the Middle East” argument also tend to be the same people who oppose the Keystone pipeline."

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Re: Liberals are stupid, again

You take a match to the fire and bring on more paradoxes.


I hope that are all your ideas and not somebody who is getting paid to write and comment.


A)  So it either goes into a pipelin e OR on to a ship? WTF  It originates in teh Canadia inland west fro cripes sakes.  It has to go through a pipeline to get a port to go across the sea, be it the Gulf, or the E or W Canadian coast.  THERE IS NO PORT IN ANY OF TH INLAND CANADIAN PROVINCES....clever people they are, but there is only so much anybody can do.   So your eitehr or blows up in your face.


B)And no  matter how you try it paint it Canadian crude oil technically  is "foriegn  oil".  Every bit as much as Iraqi or





I don't believe that the President has said the he is opposed to the pipeline.  I haven't read or heard anywhere that he is. One thing that shuck and jiver ain't is an idealogue.   It's a full time job for the opinion manufacturing right wing press and pr machinery to paint him as such but he's not in the slightest.  Millions in his party wish that he were.  Many thought for sure that he would be.  Closer, actually to what Don Kraft described Nixon as being earlier today than anything,.  Drives people on the whacked out right crazy that he isn't because if you can't depend on a Chicago n#####r to fit the idiotic constant stereotyping of somebody out to overturn and overthrow things where are you going to fid somebody?  It worked to paint a genuine war hero as a frauduletn reciever of medals and ribbons and it worked to make a smart and well meaning man look like the crass opportuintst that his successor the REpbulican Democrat had been, and it just might not work any more.


I esonally don't care much for Obama.  To cool handed and too cliched for me....but God Almighty that's a feeble bunch who showed up for the interviews on the other side of town.  An dbiden and Hillary are as good at their two jobs as any I can remember.