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Esteemed Advisor

Liberals here need some new blood

I went through the posts and failed to find anything thoughtful or provocative, as usual, from the fruit cakes.

You guys should turn over stones, go through the wood work, whatever it takes, and find someone that doesn't have tourettes, doesn't wear their bitter cause du jour on their sleeve, and actually talks some sense and can put up issues that actually have some substance.

In short, find an intelligent liberal.

Good luck!

Meanwhile, conservatives and independents.....keep up the good work!

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Liberals here need some new blood


Nothing interesting about the implosion of the Barr/Durham sham or the intersection of Santos with the Hunter’s Junk Scam.

Although tough to keep up when you’re the hero of an action movie running in your own mind.

Senior Contributor

Re: Liberals here need some new blood

I agree Red. I told Bucky awhile back he's become boring and extremely predictable, and should come with some new accounts.