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BA Deere
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Re: Liberals working to get another sub group of voters

Yes Red, I think you made the right choice.  Agriculture is in a wierd spot right now.  I`m sure a family run hog operation that has a confinement, with family labor and their own money on the line, also if they live on the premises can be "pretty good".


But alot of these are integrated, the money leaves the community, the labor consists of "throwing out the deads on Monday and Friday" .  These outfits of 4,999 hogs on a site have the waste of a small city...Just not a good deal like the old days where about every farm had 40 sows farrow to finish, that manure was alot of it mixed with straw and sensibly spread over their farms on a timely basis.  Now they apply so much they need a "manure plan", the farmer that puts it up about just does it for the manure anymore ..and if they meet their neighbor uptown, they cross the street to avoid them.