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bruce MN

Liberate Iowa!

Kimmy goes all oppression like.

Have of you Hawkeye Q’s or Proud Boys wannabes get any notification of plans to kidnap her yet?


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Re: She's just covering her a**. She doesn't really mean it.

  Positive tests have gone to greater than 50% so she has to do something in order, come next election, she did something but she doesn't really mean it.  In the same press conference, she said, "it's only voluntary".

  Meanwhile, in Kansas and South Dakota, positive tests exceed 60%.  Granted they don't do much testing but as an indicator of the rate of spread, 60% is horrifying.

  I guess I gave Midwesterners more credit for common sense than they deserve.

  And then there's Jim Jordan of Ohio, "don't cancel thanksgiving, don't cancel Christmas, cancel lockdowns."

BA Deere
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Re: Liberate Iowa!

I go to Bomgaars, Fleet Farm, Hy Vee, Fareway, Kwik Trip and 3 different John Deere dealers.  I would say the Kwik Star and grocery stores have 80-90% mask wearers. The farm supply stores have close to 80% maskers.  John Deere dealers one is business as usual, one has plexiglass at counter, but Brakke in Mason is really studious with sanitizer and they won`t let you in without a mask.   And all that is fine with me.  

You can see that the pressures of the office is really weighing on Governor Reynolds.   Ol` Walz has not this goofy sign language gal with a shaved head and she really goes to town on her antics, really comical.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Liberate Iowa!

1 I hereby invoke the left footed Polish placekicker clause

2 I know good people (because I’m the very most special snowflake) and yours is goofy