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Senior Contributor

Libs own the media??

TV & radio


Bain capital/thomas lee partners   Clear channel

CBS corporation

Comcast corporation

Gannett co.

News Corp

Time Warner inc

Tribune company



Washington Post


Cable and telecommunication



cablevision systems corp.

Century link

Charter communications.

Comcast corp

Sprint Nextel corp

T-Mobile USA inc

Time Warner Cable inc.






Gannet co

Hearst Corporation

News Corp

Tribune co

Washington Post


It seems logical to me that the vast number of corporations involved in the media would trend towarsds the conservative point of view. Or is it probable that these corporate are different from most corporate ceos? That they don't favor the conservative view point and fight valiantly for the little guy. I'll bet most of them favor higher corporate taxes and higher wage and benefit packages for their employees. So convince me that these folks are all cozy with the left and they do our bidding for us.




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Veteran Advisor

Re: Libs own the media??

If "Libs" own the media, why aren't they (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN) all screaming bloody murder about oreilly? Faux obviously is not saying ANYTHING hoping everyone will forget about it. He has been CAUGHT in several lies in his "reporting" but NOTHING is going on to put him down! Why is that?
Senior Contributor

Re: Libs own the media??

Perhaps  because it isn`t facts?  

Veteran Advisor

Re: Libs own the media??

Or perhaps you are a liar also. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You know I presume you know that in his book "killing of JFK",he stated that he was on the porch of a potential witness, a Russian who had known Oswald and his wife, when the guy killed himself with a shotgun. Now go to this site and listen to the phone call recording. Doesn't take long and then come back and tell me if you think he is a liar or not.