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List of what your dear leaders has done

Quite a list over the last 4 years

Here is a comprehensive rundown of what the most unpresidential president in history has said and done during his time in office

And here is a little clip of the long list and it goes on for a long time from this

Departing from the behaviour of every previous president, during his first term the current president of the United States:

Greeted predecessor at White House; left wife in car. Made up to wife by allowing wife to add references to jewellery line to official White House first lady bio. Did not convince wife to move into White House; eventually convinced wife to move into White House; did not convince wife to move into White House bedroom. Maintained ownership of companies; doubled membership fees for Mar-a-Lago beach resort. Warned inauguration crowd of foreign attempts to “ravage” United States. Told first lie in office, described modestly sized inauguration crowd as largest in history; saw photographs of predecessor’s larger crowd; deployed press secretary to repeat crowd description as history’s largest; deployed senior adviser to describe inaccurate crowd description as “alternative fact.” Did not release tax returns.

Was subject of historic event on day after inauguration, with largest protests in nation’s history organized against him by members of sex about which he had previously advised grabbing “by the *****.” Asked, “Why didn’t these people vote?” Learned he did not win majority of votes; requested investigation into voter fraud.