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P.S. Sam

This will likely infuriate you but you might at least find it informative or interesting:




Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Another point

I think part of it is the "team" approach.


THe liberals on here probably are not as depraved and shiftless as a lot , but they do root for Team D no matter what.



Biden is a first class jerk, though, and you can never heep enough ridicule on that clown.

Senior Advisor

Re: Does everyone see why he earned the name "Shifty"?

Just what would it take to earn respect from you? Agree with you? Kiss your A$$? Take a course at the Ted cruz insane asylum.


I didn't earn the name shifty. You bestowed on me. A feeble effort to diminish me in public. You don't respect your elders, your parents, your grand parents. A snot nosed kid trying to make is bones in the limbaugh fan club. No ideas, no plans, nothing to offer but insults.


Shouldn't you be working on impeachment? You must have at least a hundred followers.

Someone from the other side of numerous...

to what end?

they've paid not the slightest mind to anything I've contacted them about before.


I've come to think of it as the character tom horn in the movie.  they're gonna do what they're gonna do.  regardless of truth or anything I say, so why show them honor by even participating.