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Litmus test for Americans

making sure that every vote cast is a legal vote.


After living my life in a state with corrupt voting regulation ( Al Franken election if you need to) and where the sitting state attorney general was campaigning on how we have to ensure we have elections that are not tampered with (she was trying to drum up support on the Russia Russia Russia witch hunt instead of the actual issues of voter fraud), I welcome voter ID as a federal voting requirement and a paper trail that leads back to who voted.


if you don't, my opinion is that you are unAmerican….not just possessing unAmerican views, but really Un-American.


Sorry fruitloops, but that's the way it is.


And the fact that aforementioned AG for MN is currently in hot water for having employees campaign for her as forced "volunteers" makes me think of that saying that karma always seems to have a pay back and bad karma is a "Mrs. Clinton", to use an euphemism.

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better yet

why not have a universal national ID that automatically registers everyone eligible to vote and likewise, flags those who aren't.


As I've said, I already have a passport, DL, SS# and voter registration card so there's no harm to me in it.


That would be a lot more effective for purposes of immigration enforcement than a made up border crisis that is intended to keep The Folk stirred up.


No card, no work and anyone ho employs anyone- including domestic help- without a card is subject to stiff financial penalties.


Of course then you have to figure out what sort of status to give those currently without status who are working in this country and essential to the economy at current levels of output. There's the rub, I guess. Hardliners don't want anyone who is currently illegal to be anything other than deported. Extremists on the other side want a quick and easy path to citizenship.


I'd say that anyone currently working here without legal status pays a fine, receives alien worker status and that status includes a long and difficult path to citizenship. Over the course of 10 or more years if they get anything more than a minor civil infraction they're gone.*


As is currently the case, they are not eligible for any Federal social programs other than what they're ultimately entitled to through SS.


Of course Republicans don't want a solution, they want a crisis that keeps The Base riled.


*a thought, which would require some careful study before being implemented. In times of recession it might be cheaper to just pay some to go home than it is to pay UEI and other social support programs for under and unemployed citizens.





another thought

those with alien worker status could be easily monitored through SS to make sure they are working and could be removed if they aren't over some period of time.

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Re: better yet

You`re actually making a little bit of sense this morning Nox, but the real question is: Would what you just said fly among the "new Democrat party" the Schumers and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs??   They want nothing less than open borders, chain migration and legal status for everyone here (anything less and you`re a racist fascist pig!).

Re: better yet

I hardly ever read Red's towhnall stuff and didn't that one. But in his text he was talking about policy, which I can discuss.


You really aren't, you're pivoting to the typical echo chamber hysteria.


There's room for the Dem Socialists under the D tent, which doesn't mean they'll prevail entirely as far as policy goes.


There was, unfortunately as it turns out, also room for DLC types under that tent- i.e., like the Clintons- Republicans with a bit of identity stuff for the D base.


Right now the party and the country need to be pulled in the other direction.


some percentage- don't know, 10-20?- of those currently here without a legal status have something on their record that would make them ineligible for alien worker status.


They get pinched for a DUI or such and they tend to just skip.


Left unable to find work, they would mostly self deport eventually.


Of course to be cynical- and if you're not you're not paying attention- the GOP doesn't want a solution to this- they want a perpetual wedge issue and another criminal justice cash cow bureaucracy.


They also aren't worried about vote fraud- they know full well that it is near non-existent. They want to suppress as many votes as possible.


I don't have a problem with those who choose to live outside the official identification system not being eligible to vote- I just want it to be universally available for those who don't.

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Re: further

A good wall would largely take the issue off the table.

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Indeed, why not? Ask your fearless leaders.

what you suggested is basically what conservatives want.


So don't ask us...ask your leaders.

BA Deere
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Re: Indeed, why not? Ask your fearless leaders.

The ironic thing is, Nox could read all of what he wrote in this thread at the Republican National Convention and get a standing ovation...if he read the same posts at the Democrat Convention he would get booed and probably lucky to get out of the building with his life.  Yet he`s a Democrat. Smiley Frustrated?

Re: Litmus test for Americans

That’s absolutely untrue.

Trump in particular and the GOP in general will not compromise an inch and don’t want a solution- they want to keep the goobers revved.

Everybody knows a wall won’t cure anything it is just a game.