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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Indeed, why not? Ask your fearless leaders.

yeah, hang on to that Indiana U sweatshirt and root for the home team, regardless of your interests.

disingenuous on two counts

First, of course, is that the GOP wants voter ID in order to combat rampant voter impersonation- which isn't even worth the modest energy to argue over.


They want it to make it harder for more disadvantaged people to vote.


Courts have generally upheld it so I am OK with that but it is fun (and entirely accurate) to say, OK, just make ID universal- and then watch you fall all over yourselves backpedaling becasue the result would be exactly the opposite of your intention.


Also in terms of claiming that you're reasonable on immigration and it is the Ds who are wild eyed open border advocates.


In fairness, The Base has gotten so torqued that it will not accept any compromise whatsoever on immigration, so the GOP has no option but to just keep creating phony crises and throwing meat to them.


I guess I do favor abolishing ICE as an entity that is thoroughly politcally corrupted but there would need to be a branch of the border patrol that would handle immigration enforcement.


In the circumstances that I describe where there is incentive for illegals to come out of the shadows and there's a universal ID and little opportunity for work without it, the need would be more modest.





Re: disingenuous on two counts

Can u name 1 person that doesn't have an ID? I'm sure there is a bunch that don't but I don't think you can sign up legally for social programs without one.


ICE is thoroughly politically corrupted. Your words. And the FBI isn't? 


Need a branch of border patrol? I thought they were on the border-that was their job-Ya know the word border?

Esteemed Advisor

Re: disingenuous on two counts

Indiana U's ICE and FBI is not corrupt but Trump's is.


Once you are a homer, common sense goes out the window.