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Live like you are dying.....80 yrs later

A day for Gehrig: Eighty years later, they still come to see Lou (

Tomorrow will the 80th year anniversary of the death of the Yankee "Iron Horse" and his memory of how to live right, and how to die right, still lingers with the rest of us mortals. I watched "Pride of the Yankees" on Amazon Prime on Saturday while bedridden with a spring cold, and am happy to have my strength returning, and reflecting on the "what if", the time when your muscles go feeble and don't come back. I hope I can have the grace and composure to accept my fate the way Lou Gehrig did.

One thing Lou had going for him was the love of a great wife. His Eleanor was widowed in her 30's and never remarried. Her quote was that a few minutes with Lou was more than decades with another man would ever be. 

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bruce MN

Re: Live like you are dying.....80 yrs later

Best sports themed movie ever. 

Way, way back in the 70’s before the “box”’we had through the electric co-op or satellite or internet TV when we only got 4 or 5 channels my wife wondered why I was getting up at 2 AM  one night to watch TV. 

The Pride of the Yankees was on and the VCR and/or the DVR weren’t an option.