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Liz unloads on Cruz


Cruz must have gone to the Ag Online seminar on how tough it is to be a rich white "christian" feller.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Liz unloads on Cruz

Liz comes off as feeling snarky for some reason...leads me to wonder if some neighboring BTO came in

and rented half of her acres for FMV and ruined her sweetheart deal, too? All well, she still has the $250,000

Senate gig to fall back on.


I guess that you can get up to $50,000, per year,  for installing autoboom shutoffs on your spray equipment as part

of the current CSP program, but its a $50,000 limit, regardless of acres. Doesn't seem very fair to the guy

farming 10,000 acres...if saving overlaps is that critical in the overall scheme of things...why impose a limit?

My math would have the payments cap out at about 2000 acres, if they are at the $25 per acre level. How many

acres does Chuck Grassley farm? hmmmm


I wonder what the limit is on new drying get the 30% subsidy there?  Is that capped, too, or

are the BTO's able to get 30% of a monster dryer paid for by Uncle Sugar?


Isn't socialism wonderful? From a strictly non-partisan viewpoint. As long as I get mine, who cares about the rest

of the rubes?