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Long, deep and powerful thread….

… on that one FBI guy.  It’ll make Turdy draw wood, if his meds will let him: 

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Re: Ironic how it always circles back to trump & putin.

We never did find out what Putin said to trump during their famous one-on-one meeting.  And trump conveniently confiscated the interpreter's notes.

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Re: Ironic the Fbi was the actual Russian agent

WSJ Mocks Comey’s Russia Probe: “The Alleged Culprit Was A Member Of Mr. Comey’s Own Team”


So everything that was told the last 6yrs about Russia /Covid/ 1/6 all lies, you bois have splendid track record

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Re: Long, deep and powerful thread….

Now tell us why Adam Bullschiff and Eric Swalwell should be on the intl committee.

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Re: Long, deep and powerful thread….