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Long term its the dems to lose


Since 2008 the GOP has squandered an advantage in the Asian-American vote which is now solidly D.


Likewise for the Hispanic vote where they were tallying decently as recently as 2004.


Worst is generationally, where Trump now polls fourth among 18-29 year olds, behind the two minor party candidates.


A big deal as party affiliation tends to be fairly sticky, particularly generationally. Gen Xers who came of age in the Reagan years have been very solid Rs and they make up some of the most intellectually stolid moverment conservatives.


A part of that was also the tendency for disdain of the previous generation- a rejection of their "liberal" boomer parents, even though it is actually mostly ideologically propagated baloney. A vocal minority of early boomers were, egged on by a small cohort of GI and silent Gen leftists. The GIs were actually the big libs but that is inconvenient to the culture war narrative.


Although having pretty much fumbled the game away it now becomes ever more urgent to somehow hold out this year and get as many bridges burned as possible.


BTW, those are all statistical tendencies- there were Birchers among the FDR generation and I'm sure some hardcore libs in Gen X. I'm sure that there are some Jonibots out there in the IA 4th ready to fight against the tide but they're going to be a minority.

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I lost one of my main points. Which is that the Clinton/DLC crew could fumble it back.

Re: Long term its the dems to lose

Just remember, we are a heavily armed lot. 


Sooner or later, there will be a straw that breaks the camel's back. 


We are expecting it.....


but further, the stategy to make certain that the Obama Administration was a failure did not provide that effect, actually to the contrary.



Re: Long term its the dems to lose

That is a part of the whole phenomenon.


Asian voters, for instance were assumed to be a six inch put for the GOP.  But you folks scare them.



Re: Long term its the dems to lose

When other people's money is all gone, everyone will be scared and will revolt. 


We, will be ready.  😈

BA Deere
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Re: Long term its the dems to lose

Well, it depends on how long that the perpetual motion machine keeps working.  As long as the free candy keeps coming, you are correct about it "being the Dems to lose".  Hardup immigrants come in from socialist and druglord run countries...they don`t know any better as long as they don`t have to dumpster dive, they feel like millionaires and that will continue until "other people`s money" is gone.


We haven`t suffered enough yet IMO that the populus will elect`s like a longterm alcoholic that still drinks a case of beer, thinking he`ll step down to a 12 pack and no longer being a drunk...No, he has to be laying in his own vomit in the gutter with other bums urinating on him...Then! he has hit rock bottom and might get serious about straightening out.  I don`t see this country that far down yet, so rolling the dice on Hillary seems to be a easy option and hoping "it`ll work out always does, right?" for too many people.


But yeah, as long as the rest of the world takes Daddy Warbucks` checks, this can go on and get worse a long time yet.   The "poor people" will increase and continue electing presidents and politicians in certain districts full of promises.  The "job creators" will continue to "go Galt" and just plain saying "F... it! I`m gonna git me some too" .   So like where the ball falls in the roulette wheel no one knows when mathematics catches up and those riding in the wagon overwhelm those pulling the wagon.  So, yeah, maybe a Republican president will never be elected again, bush was the last.  If the Republicans want to compete giving away free stuff against the Dems, they can`t win and i wouldn`t waste my time voting for a Tweedly Dee or Tweedly Dum.

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Re: Long term its the dems to lose

So what is your take on dump's economic policy that will add $11.7 trillion to the national deficit?  



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Re: Long term its the dems to lose

Just who in the heck do you plan on shooting in this revolt of yours???

BA Deere
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Re: Long term its the dems to lose

Okay, you mean national debt, not "deficit", Obama as fiscally conservative as Bruce tells me, he is added $10 trillion and before him Bush added $5 trillion so there is this trend of doubling the national debt.  So if Trump only makes it go up 50%, that will be an improvement and I will be impressed.