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Look inside the Crystal Ball

I believe Mr. Obama is gonna win fairly easy in 2012, not happy about it, but he is the pres. and I try to respect the man in office as much as possible. Question is what does the country look like when we vote again in 2016, if Obama does win. Also what age will Hillary be in 2016, wilkl she make a run.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Look inside the Crystal Ball

I think it will be close, and that is sad if there was a chance to turn the country around more people need to be awakened, Obama should be in the 20`s for approval.  If Obama gets a second term you will see an unprecedented assault on our rights, to the point that he may be the last US elected president.  There are too many economic troubles that there is no fix in this mess.  Just on oil availabilty alone it used to be sweet crude 2000 ft down, cost of$1 for a $2000 return.  Now tar sand production $1 cost for $5-$10 return or something on those lines. It`s gonna be a radically different world 5 years from now.