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Senior Contributor

Looking back at the future

Sometimes it is interesting to look back at comments from the past to see how things worked out from predictions.

I stumbled on this from Gwynne Dyer from June of 2005 and thought it was a good read to refresh what was being said in an earlier time,

Talking about Iraq in 2005

The real problem in securing a “decent interval” that would allow a
dignified American withdrawal from Iraq is that the insurgents cannot
deliver it — because they are too weak and divided. The foreigners among
them answer to no state authority, and the Iraqi majority are
overwhelmingly drawn from the Sunni Arab minority whose leadership was
decapitated by the American invasion. They are all over the map, in dozens
of little organisations, and American negotiators can’t even figure out the
key people to talk to.

So it’s going to be messy, and it’s even possible that US troops
won’t be out of Iraq three and a half years from now. In which case the next US president will be a Democrat.