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Looking on the bright side

there's really nothing good you can say specifically about electing a neofascist- it is the greatest test of our nation since the Civil War.


But the destruction of the New Dems is a welcome development, and a Trump presidency is going to be a catastrophe.


Bill Black


Interesting times await.



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"Hillary Clinton handled things so miserably that she allowed a plutocrat whose career is based on rigging the system against the working class to become the hero of the working class.  That is world-class incompetence.  Had she followed Tom Frank’s advice she would today be the President-elect.  The real cost, however, of her failure will be enormous damage to our democracy, the safety of the world, and the damage that President Trump will do to the working class as he systematically betrays their interests."

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No doubt many of this morning's happy popey changey fols will remain clueless, but anyway:


"A period of enormous corruption and elite fraud is coming soon as the Trump administration brings its signature characteristic – crony capitalism – to bear to control all three branches of government.  Trump promises to deregulate Wall Street, appoint top supervisors chosen for their unwillingness to supervise, and appoint judges who will allow CEOs to loot with impunity.  Trump promises to outdo even the savage anti-media and anti-whistleblower policies of the Obama administration.  The House and Senate committee chairs will intensify their blatantly partisan use of investigations while refusing to conduct real oversight hearings revealing the elite fraud and corruption.

The progressive Senate Democrats will have to be innovative and stalwart in these circumstances to find ways to blow the whistle repeatedly on the mounting corruption.  Their challenge will be to lead despite having no real institutional power.  Democrats should start by doing what they should have done in 2004 – take Tom Frank’s warnings deadly seriously."

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I hope the dems party leaders have learned something from all of this.




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Me too..............Lying, stealing and cheating are not good qualities......

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Yeah, but money still talks.


And of course as Bill notes, Repubs since Reagan share as much or more blame for the economic plight of the "white working class" as the New Dems do.


And.....who knows, but there has been talk that there will be a place in a Trump admin for many of the worst offenders, like Newt, Laffer etc.


So I guess a big part of the question is how long it takes The Folk to figure out that they got rolled. Somewhere between a while and forever, I'm guessing. Because as I said, this isn't really about their plight- it is about making sure that somebody stays beneath them on the ladder.



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I thought we were going to all join hands and sing kum ba yah rather than saying anything about Our President Elect's lifetime pattern of behavior.