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Re: Hey GTO,

No problemo, just thought I'd offer.


Not exactly mine either, then were a bit after my time. But we have friends who are up for it who have come from SD and we're having a great weekend.


If nothing wlse it should be a heck of a spectacle. Just went by Spartan Stadium and you can't see a lot but the $25 million set is sticking up over the top- looks pretty crazy.


Onward. We need to run them back to the Detroit airport tomorrow and thought we'd go through Ann Arbor and grab a sandwich at Zingermans. Good food and company.


Best, h


Senior Contributor

Re: Hey GTO,

Sounds like a plan to me, the trip through Ann Arbor, and Zingermans. Never been there, try to stay as far away as I can to the Maize and Blue, don't want to get any on me!! LOL!!


We were in Okemos today, saw the set on TV, should have went on up to take a look, to. The money spent setting up such a spectacle, makes one wonder, doesn't it??


You going to Metro, via 94?