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AG Loretta Lynch, whom will make the decision whether or not to indict Hillary, meets former President Clinton in a private hanger in Arizona.  It was a once in a lifetime chance meeting where they only discussed grandchildren & golf for 30 minutes!!!  Now they had to go into LL's private plane alone to discuss only these 2 topics, no pictures, meeting was not disclosed to the public (well at least not until they were caught).  


Rumor has it that Bill told Loretta that he shot an 86 and only had to yell fore once, as in if you "86ed" the indictment you will have 4 more years as AG if Hillary becomes president. 


I'm giving Bill a birdie for arranging this meeting, Loretta gets a double bogie for agreeing to the meeting.


Amazing how President Obama can take a respected US Attorney into his administration and they lose all respect within a year.  



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Re: Loretta

You got it all wrong!  He delivered a check made out to her for a big portion of his speaking fees--about $10 million!  He made that last week.

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Loretta

Naw, I think that Loretta probably gave Slick Willy, a slick willy. Smiley Wink

Senior Advisor

Re: Loretta

Probably reminded her of what happened to Vince Foster. Then he offered to set her up an account to trade cattle futures.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Loved the quote from Mr. BJ

on the radio, they had Bill saying that you have to respect the rule

of law and let the legal process take its course.


Seriously....if the wicked witch does win in November, it is going to

cause a lot more shock waves than a Trump win would as he appears

to be a moderate compared to her.


Our local daily has a relatively new publisher...after months of running

the liberal BS political commentary, and a score of letters to the editor 

asking wtf was going on, seems to be back on kilter the last couple of

weeks, and are now running the articles that don't bash Trump. If over

50% of the country is going to vote for the Donald, you don't want to

be on the wrong side of things...especically in a conservative county.


Working class people have been smelling the coffee for decades now,

and are going to vote in unprecedented numbers. Polls mean very little.

bruce MN

Re: Loretta

Senior Contributor

Re: Loretta

Maybe Slick wants to be the only Prez in the family, secretly trying to sink the HRC boat. He has the ego , that is for sure...


just another nail in the coffin for me.

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Re: Loretta

One more example of the right assuming the worst about democrats. That will never end.

bruce MN

Re: Loretta

Was just asking myself a few minutes ago just how many voters (convinced that the undecided roster is minuscule, most particularly for this early).are going to be affected by this latest "scandal".  It just gets thrown on the pile with Benghazi and Vince Foster.  Only purpose it serves is to further insense the already hater crew.   The FBI will or will not bring charges. In the event that they do it's up in the air as to wether or not they charge Condi, Powell, Albright or the countless number of elected and appointed Federal officials who used other services rather than expose themselves and their activities and inner thoughts to an IT system as antiquated and vulnerable as an inner office intercom system.  Just one more thing starved by Red State Republicans in Congress who are hell bent on proving that government "doesn't work by cynically assuring that it doesn't.  

Senior Contributor

Re: Loretta


Those suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome will automatically presume that she's lying, must be lying, can't possibly tell the truth.


I imagine you will find something a bit more worthy of your outrage in the next 8.5 years