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Re: Losers

Gas below $2.50 really changed the economics of ethanol.  Plants were built and expanded during the Rah Rah period of "$4 gas and Peeeeeeak oil!".   Solving energy dependence, is good for the country, but once achieved it brings on problems for niche industries.

I talked to a Minnesota farmer yesterday and I didn`t catch what he told me he was going to get for turning his farm into a "solar farm" but he wasn`t anywhere near making that farming and will cover his loan payments.  I do recall he got a $100/acre "bonus signup"  and 250 of his acres are going in.   One day that government subsidized gravy train will end too and there will be "losers" on that. 

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Re: Losers

Solar comes in cheaper than coal or gas, although you still need base load generation.

The loser is the USA on account of most of the cells that are winning bids are Chinese, because 3o20 and his  handlers in the buggy whip lobby made sure the US was behind the curve in solar and wind. 

In fairness, even proponents of solar are somewhat shocked at the astonishing success.

As far as ethanol- you are shameless and beyond help.

Hint: we really ought to be subsidizing domestic solar and wind manufacture. And 3020 has no problem with raising rates on pore 'ol folks on fixed incomes if it to keep those pore miners employed. 



Re: Losers

see , Organic Valley ............ darn hippies 

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Re: Losers

Very impulsive and confusing post. Isn't that what you claim as symptoms of mental incompetence.