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Love the old western movies

So many of them had a scene where somebody, sometimes a good guy sometimes a bad guy, would jump off a moving train. Hop up, dust themselves  off and then somehow in the next scene have found themselves a horse to ride.

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Re: My guess is...

My guess is trump turns on the republicans just to spite them.  He has a habit of ruining everything he touches.

  Besides, he'll be too busy getting ready for all the indictments coming in Feb.

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Re: My guess is...

Watch for Trump to file bankruptcy once he leaves the White House.  Guy is broke and only using this fraud election bit until he can get something lined up 

Re: Love the old western movies

The Western genre is characterized by the theme of travel or the theme of a lawless city and moral and social problems. This is almost always expressed as a confrontation between a hero and a bandit. The hero must stop the bandit who kills other people. I often watch movies on 999flix in the western category because they carry a cautionary message. As in any story of a confrontation between good and evil, good must always win. Therefore, the main character always manages to overcome all difficulties, survive after falling off a moving train, and find a horse anywhere in the world.

Re: Love the old western movies

Even if the good guy is a ghost.