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Re: MN's Little Al and the blue slip

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As political harbingers of things to come, I'd keep a close eye on Alabama's upcoming US Senate runn-off between Judge Roy Moore and Mitch McConnell's personal choice (and financial benefactor), Luther Strange. In two weeks we should get a peek at Trump's political coat tails...even if he has previously endorsed Strange.


After that, watch Arizona's contested Republican primary involving Trump adversary and Senate incumbent, Jeff Flake. Senator Flake is now trailing his female opponent Kelli Ward and may need some outside (i.e. Washington) financial resources to save him from a hopping mad electorate.


If those Republican dominoes start to fall, Democrat Al Frankin and others like him might find themselves in a tad bit of discomfort next year. On the other hand, it is still way too early to say one way or another.